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Alberta bassist and composer, Rubim de Toledo, combines the influences of his Brazilian heritage and his dedication to the jazz tradition, to create an approach to music that is refreshing and uplifting. Boasting a diverse rhythmic palette inspired by world music, jazz, and contemporary music, a lure towards improvisation and a forward-looking traditionalism, Rubim nurtures a commanding sound and style as a bassist, soloist, and composer.

Rubim began his professional career in Edmonton at the age of seventeen performing with Albertan Jazz legends, Tommy Banks, PJ Perry and Clarence “Big” Miller. Since then he has become a sought-after sideman and a productive bandleader. 

With his fifth and newest release, “The Gap,” Rubim distinguishes himself as a composer with a unique ability to explore jazz styles while maintaining a sound that is modern yet inviting. Featuring internationally renowned drummer Jason Marsalis on half the record, and Albertan mainstay Jon McCaslin on the other, along with pianist Chris Andrew, the disc boasts inventive acoustic jazz trio arrangements embellished by compelling solo improvisations.

Rubim has worked extensively as musical director with Calgary’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. He is a passionate music educator and serves as the section head of the bass department at MacEwan University.

In 2018, Rubim won the Western Canadian Music Award for Jazz Artist of Year and was nominated for a 2018 Edmonton Music Award.


"Edmonton’s Rubim de Toledo has shown himself to be one of the most consistently inspired musical tailors in Alberta jazz, an excellent, in-demand bassist, a gifted composer-arranger and a smart bandleader, too." - Edmonton Journal, 2017 by Roger Levesque


“And then, from this super special soiree with dear friends, I got a Rubim de Toledo (The Gap) gift CD. What is the language? - Jazz. I confess that when I heard the answer I thought, ‘Come on, listen to another handful of standards!’ ... I was surprised. The CD is imaginative. Original pieces, AND most importantly, it has ‘IDENTITY’. Does not replicate anyone. … The Gap is really the gap; the best. Wonderful. A trip. I recommend.” (Translated from Portuguese) – CD Review, Gumbe Music, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2019 by Carlos Gomes


"Rubim de Toledo: a Canadian from Alberta, of Brazilian origin and a well-established musician … The first thing to grab me was his big rounded tone, gifting the tunes with a richness and beauty that captivated from start to finish. While most bass sits deep within the mix, de Toledo’s voice spoke clearly; not by overcrowding his band-mates nor by punching through the others as an electric bassist might, but because every musical utterance sounded right. His melodicism and clarity of ideas were enhanced by devices which I found appealing; his occasional and appropriate use of vibrato at the end of a line, sometimes, rarely, he combined this with a slight bending of the note. He is definitely a successor to the Evans trio model; a bassist who communicates as an equal." - Concert Review - John Fenton, Auckland, New Zealand

"The band, led by Rubim de Toledo, conjures up one rich layer of funkified jazz after another throughout the night, and you’re liable to spontaneously shout out “Mojitos for all my friends! … de Toledo’s band shines infusing C-Legs — and the rest of the show — with as much of a jazz club feel as a funkified one … After the break, de Toledo’s tunes blend beautifully with Begins’ projected images on Beat Driven Post Wonderment." - Decidedly Jazz Danceworks takes to the streets for inspiration, Calgary Herald, April 2013 by Stephen Hunt

"Bassist and composer Rubim de Toledo must be one of Alberta’s busiest and most accomplished musicians ... De Toledo fuses the rhythmic styles of Latin American music and post-war American jazz evoking, Heitor Villa-Lobos, contemporary salsa, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane – while achieving something entirely fresh ... (jazz scene) abounds in performers with virtuosic technique. The eternal challenge is to innovative material that is thoughtful, challenging, accessible, listenable and enjoyable. Rubim de Toledo’s The River is all of that." - CD Review from Legacy Magazine, Winter 2009 by Ron Chalmers

"... by simply listening to Toledo’s most recent album, the River, you start to understand the importance of that dynamic (teamwork, flexibility and creativity). It’s not about showing off, but creating a seamless dance from idea to idea, measure to measure, note to note." On Dance, Creativity and Corporate Teamwork, See magazine, Feb 2010 by Kathleen Bell

"... all of that made The River one of the finest Jazz albums of the year ..." - Inspiration Flowed from Flood, Edmonton Journal, April 2009 by Roger Levesque

"Rubim de Toledo is one of the most sought-after studio and performing artists on Alberta’s jazz scene. The versatile bassist is also considered a Brazilian / Cuban master, and is active on the Rock, R&B and Folk scenes ... The release (The River) is one of three great jazz projects to hit the market in 2009 that Rubim has helped to create all three." - 2009 a busy year for jazz Musician, Jazz Elements website, Feb 2009 by Cindy McLeod

“Bassist Rubim de Toledo, of Brazilian descent, is the backbone of the band. His soulful style is as passionate as it is eloquent.” - Challenging Empire, Citizenship, Sovereignties and Self-Determination, Nov 2003 by Gordon Laxer


Individual or as bandleader/group


2019 winner - World Recording of the Year (Montuno West)
– Calgary Music Award

2019 - nominated - Jazz Recording of the Year (Montuno West)
– Edmonton Music Awards

2019 nominated - Latin Recording of the Year (Montuno West)
– Edmonton Music Awards

2019 nominated - Instrumental Recording of the Year (Montuno West)

2019 nominated - World Artist of the Year (Montuno West)

2018 winner - Jazz Artist of the Year (Rubim de Toledo)

2018 nominated - Jazz Recording of the Year (Rubim de Toledo)
– Edmonton Music Awards

2010 nominated - Jazz Recording of the Year (Rubim de Toledo)

2007 winner - Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts (Bomba)

2006 nominated - World Artist of the Year (Bomba)

2005 nominated - Outstanding Latin Music (Bomba)
- Canadian Indie Music Award

2004 winner - CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award (Bomba)

1998 winner - ARIA Group of the Year award (Maracujah)


As a sideman


2019 winner - Kate Blechinger, Night in the City – bassist
- Edmonton Music Award

2019 nominated - Jim Brenan, 50/50 – bassist
– Calgary Music Award

2019 nominated - Penny Sanborn, Mirror Suite – bassist/mixing/mastering
– Calgary Music

2018 nominated - Allison Lynch, Skin and Flame - bassist/producer
-  Calgary Music Award

2018 winner – Jim Brenan, January – bassist/mixing/mastering

2013 winner – McIntyre/Whelan, From Blue to Red
- Alberta Book Publishing Award

2010 nominated – Brenan Brothers, Throwdown - bassist

Selected Recorded Discography




  • The Gap (2018) - featuring Jason Marsalis

  • The Bridge (2013) - featuring Sean Jones

  • The River (2009)

  • Seu Swing (2008)

  • In Charcoal and Crimson (2007)


Bandleader or Group


  • Tocar Tambor (Montuno West)

  • reClaim Volume 1 (reClaim)

  • reClaim Volume 2 (reClaim)

  • Cuatro Caminos (Bomba)

  • Entre Sol y Luz (Bomba)

  • Lo Que Bomba Te Da (Bomba)

  • A Mi Me Gusta (Bomba)


  • Frankenhorn (Audrey Ochoa)

  • Mirror Suite (Penny Sanborn)

  • Under a Dancing Sky (Kate Blechinger)

  • More Rocky Mountain Fairy Tales (Sam Whelan)

  • Skin and Flame (Allyson Lynch)

  • 50/50 (Jim Brenan)

  • The Throw Down (Brenan Brothers)

  • January (Jim Brenan)

  • Spectre (Jim Brenan)

  • From Blue to Red (Storyfair productions)

  • Launch (Tyler Hornby)

  • Passages (Sandro Dominelli)

  • The D.A.D.s Trio (de Toledo, Andrew, Dominelli)

  • Jump to It (Dave Babcock)

  • Dreamer’s Lunge (Leesila Dawkins)

  • Up All Night (Peter Manley)

  • Willow Brocke (Willow Brocke)

  • Fortress of Solitude (Don Berner)

  • Home Town Riot (Develsplender)

  • Hiding from the Cold (Devilsplender)

  • Modest Charms (Beth Arrison)

  • Seemore (Christian Mena)

  • Bleach Bone Choir (BBC)

  • Madame (Madame)

  • Flow (Flow - Attack Records)

  • Senat (Leandro Goncalves)

  • Sextet (Don Berner)

  • Ai (Tim Tamashiro)

  • Maracujah (Maracujah)

  • All in Time (Rachelle Risling)

  • Beyond the Dover (Susan Weatley)

  • Andrew / Berner Quartet (Andrew / Berner)


Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Mastering credits


  • Firm Roots (Marty Majorowicz) mixing/mastering

  • Prequel (Prequel) mixing/mastering

  • Truth Be Told (Chris Andrew) mixing

  • Not so Fast (Chris Andrew) mixing

  • Sounds of Brazil (de Toledo, Andrew, Dominelli) mixing/mastering

  • Skin and Flame (Allyson Lynch) - producer

  • January (Jim Brenan) mixing/mastering

  • Mirror Suite (Penny Sanborn) mixing/mastering




  • Alberta Music Sampler – Alberta Music (2009)

  • Made in Alberta - Alberta Foundations for the Arts (2009)

  • Made in Alberta - Alberta Foundations for the Arts (2004)

  • Coming Home - Grant MacEwan College (2004)

  • CKUA ‘Radio Worth Fighting For’ documentary (2002)

  • Diasporama - Chilenos en Canada (2002)

  • Beat Niq Compilation (2010)

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