Rubim de Toledo . bassist . composer

Recent news

June 11 - featured on the Macewan FFAC Instagram feed 

June 1 - The Dig CD review on

May 18 - Nominated for two 2021 WCMA awards! Instrumental Artist of the Year & Global Artist of the Year

April 27 – The Dig places #7 on the Earshot National Jazz chart 

April 27 – The Dig places #2 on the CFBX Jazz chart 

March 30 – The Dig places #9 on the Earshot National Jazz chart 


March 2 – The Dig places #1 on the CJSR Jazz chart

February 23 – The Dig places #1 on the CJSR Jazz chart

February 23 – The Dig places #6 on the Earshot National Jazz chart

February 9 – The Dig places #1 on the CJSR Jazz chart

January 26 – The Dig places #2 on the Earshot National Jazz chart


January 26 – The Dig places #31 on the Earshot National Top 50 chart

January 19 – The Dig places #1 on the CJSR Jazz chart

January 11 - 4/5 star CD review from Divide and Conquer Music Blog (USA)


January 3 - Featured on the Last Day Deaf webzine (UK)

January 3 - Selected as top 10 articles of the year by World Wide Waves music Blog (Seattle, USA)

January 3 - Album, The Dig, reviewed on Jazz Corner (UK)


January 3 - Track, Back Breaker, featured by Progland (Brazil)

January 1 - Album, The Dig, selected as CKUA's #61 out of 100 top albums of 2020

December 31, 2020 - Featured on the CKUA A Time for Jazz 20 great jazz albums of 2020 list


December 29 - Featured on the podcast Mixtape by Endorphins Lab (Brazil)


December 28 - Featured interview on the Secret Eclectic Music Blog (London, UK)


December 28 - Featured on the Progtalk podcast and social accounts (Brazil)


December 28 - Featured on a One Shoe Records Social Media Blast (London, UK)


December 28 - Reviewed by Soda Pop Website (Brazil)


December 28 - Placed on the CJSW, Jazz Today, recommended Jazz Albums of 2020


December 26 - Featured on Swanodown Music Blog (Baltimore, USA)


December 26 - Featured on Legostasdezik Music Blog (France)


December 24 - Featured in the London Jazz News website (London, UK)


December 24 - Mentioned in “A Lot of Listening …” article in the Edmonton Journal (Edmonton)


Dec/Jan 20/21  - Music featured on websites, podcasts, or played on international radio and online radio stations including Aura Borealis (USA), Nam-radio (Nambia), Groovin Mood (Brazil), Maestro FM (Moldova), Radio Krimi (France), La Belle Musique (Italy), EJazz Radio (Uganda), What is Hip? (Belgium), Ingrown Radio (USA), Jazz Zone Radio (USA), Mix Utah (USA), Zephyr Planet Radio (USA), Flyah Magazine (USA), Freedom Live Radio (USA), Independent Music Show (UK), Radio Crystal Blue (USA), WAAP Radio (USA), KASU (USA), Power Ace Radio (UK), Candy Randy Radio (USA), Radio laser (France), Ragtime distribution (Belgium), Organzic (Belgium), Art District Radio (France), Onradioup (Brazil), (France), Shakeahoof (USA), 


Dec/Jan 20/21 - Music added to over 200 international online streaming playlists including:


Upbeat Instrumental World Fusion (Germany), 420 Jazz (Sweeden), Best-of Mailbox (France), Jazzagenturen and Friends (Sweeden) , Edge of Jazz (Sweeden), Instrumental Funk Jams (USA), The Blender (Virgin Islands), Rhapsody Music (USA), Calming Acoustic (USA), Ezhevika Music (Belarus), HMP Records (Lagos), Adult ContemporaryxJazzxBlues (USA) , Let’s Progress (Spain), Canciones Para Caminar (Costa Rica), Deeper Sounds (Los Angles), Modern Jazz (Poland), Be Good Agency (France), All that Jazz (France), Afro/Funk/Rare Groove/Global Beat (France), Le Meilleur du Portugal (Portugal), Polvo Mundi (Brazil), Nuemo Pop (Bolivia), Fiendish Jazz Rock (Washington, USA), Musica Del Mundo (Spain), Lusofono Radio (France), LastFM (USA), Outro mundo (France), Groover – LatinPop (Brazil), On Radio Up (Brazil), Canadian Modern Jazz (Canada), 


December 22 - New release, The Dig, featured on CKUA’s 2020 year-in-review


December 2 - Featured on CKUA’s World Spinning radio show (Edmonton)


December 19 - Featured on the World Wide Waves Music Blog (Seattle, U.S.A.)


December 17 - Featured on the Jazziz online magazine (Florida, U.S.A.)


December 1 - Artist of the Day by the Starlite Sessions (Edmonton)

December 1 - The Dig places #1 on the CJSR Jazz chart


November 30 - Featured on the World Life Entertainment Blog (Virginia, USA)


November 27 - Featured in the Facets of Art music and photography (Russia)


November 17 - The Dig places #1 on CKUA chart


November 17 - The Dig places #1 on CJSR Jazz chart


November 15 - Performed as bassist for the Edmonton International Jazz Festival Canadian Online Jazz Festival submission as a member of the Edmonton Jazz Collective. Original composition Winter’s here featured.


October 26 - The Dig reviewed on Solar Latin Club website (Columbia)


October 20 - Official release solo album, The Dig


October 3 - Composition and performance featured in the Fall for Dance North Festival with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks as a Video Exhibit (Toronto)

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